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Free Repair and Sharpening
Warranty for 5 Years
Free Support 24/7

Best Seller Surgical

Mathieu Needle Holder TC 17cm
Metzenbaum Scissors, Curved, TC
Spencer Scissors, 9cm (3.5")
Gum Scissors Curved TC 12cm
Gum Scissors Curved TC 12cm
Plier Rochester Pean Forceps Curved 14cm
Dressing Forceps, TC, 13cm (5.12″)

VETAWAN Premium Quality Horse Gears


Best Seller Horse Gear

Aluminium Super Ultra Light Weight Stirrup 4.75"
Full Cheek Curved Sweet Copper with Lozenge
Horse Winter Blanket full neck 100gm3 filling nylon futter
Saddle Pads, Riding Seat Pad for horse, Premium Quality
EggButt Snaffle Bit with Lozenge 5.5"_VETAWAN
Hoof Knife Professional-Double_VETAWAN

VETAWAN Premium Quality Veterinary Equipment


Best Seller Veterinary Equipment

Bolus Applicators Metallic Handle Curved_VETAWAN
Full Cheek Curved Sweet Copper with Lozenge
MAWAN Automatic Drencher Pour-On_VETAWAN
Milk Suckling Preventer_Aluminium VETAWAN
Emasculator Single Crush_VETAWAN
Hoof Tester_VETAWAN