Straight Mono Bolus Applicator-Plastic Handel

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Plastic Body

Robust Design

Multiple applications


Single Dose Administration: VAWAN straight single bolus Applicator is designed to administer a single dose bolus to cattle. It provides a precise and controlled method for delivering medications, minerals, or supplements directly into the animal’s throat.


Accurate Dosage: VAWAN single Bolus Applicator ensures accurate dosing, allowing cattle farmers to provide the correct amount of medication or supplements to each individual animal in the herd.


Durable Construction: High-quality Bolus Applicator is made up from stainless steel to withstand the rigors of cattle farming environments.


Easy to Use: VAWAN Bolus Applicator is designed for ease of use, with user-friendly features such as comfortable grips and a straightforward mechanism for loading and administering boluses.


Hygienic Design: VAWAN Bolus Applicator is well-designed to be clean disinfect easily to prevent the spread of disease or cross-contamination between animals.

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